About Me

I'm a UX Designer at a rather large retailer in South Africa.  Previously, I was a UX Researcher at Kalahari.com, one of the largest e-commerce sites in Africa (now merged with Takealot), and before then I was a web developer, developing solutions for the best possible user experiences.  I am exploring semantic web technologies (touted as Web 3.0), with a long-term view for integration on my digital heritage book project (see below).

I have more than ten years experience in e-commerce, as well as experience in the Financial Services sector, having done UX work for both Sanlam and BJM Direct (now FNB Securities). I have worked on projects ranging from the front-end design and development of new projects for Kalahari.com (then Kalahari.net), to developing the information architecture (in excess of 1000 pages) for the new website of Sanlam, a leading financial services company in South Africa, as well as the implementation of e-commerce for the website of the International Maritime Organisation (an agency of the United Nations), way back in 2001. E-commerce implementations that I've done include the following payment gateways: Realex, Worldpay, PayPal, Mobicred, PayGate, MyGate, PayFast and iVeri (third party and enterprise solutions).

I am studying full-time towards an MPhil specialising in Digital Curation, and my focus is on linguistic linked data. I am also studying part-time for a BA in Linguistics and African Languages.

I've been working on Londisizwe, an e-book project that aims to digitise works by South African authors in the public domain, making them available for free download.  I digitised two books by Sol Plaatje in 2014 and 2015 - Mhudi and Sechuana Proverbs. I'm currently digitising an English-Xhosa Dictionary for Nurses.

I live in Stellenbosch with one cat, one dog and a lot of books.  I love reading.  I love my pets (and elephants too, but I don't have an elephant).  I love flowers, particularly fynbos.  I also love a good cup of coffee ... and I'm a bit too fond of cake *sigh*

About this website

The website design was created for a tea range I was working on a few years back.  I didn't follow through with the tea, but I have always loved the design, so I decided to re-use it when time came to set up my personal website.  I reworked the code so it would be a responsive web design, using Bootstrap 3 (with Less), and I converted a lot of the imagery to svg's and to be retina-enabled.  It was also intended as a proof of concept that with minimal effort, not every Twitter Bootstrap website needs to look the same.

I believe in the POSSE syndication model, so the next step is to syndicate all my content to the appropriate social media platforms, complete with my own url shortener (update: I've already done the URL shortener).