About Me

I'm a Product Manager at a FinTech company in South Africa which specialises in point-of-sale solutions for the lower- to middle-income demographic.

I have more than fifteen years experience in e-commerce, as well as experience in the Financial Services sector. I have worked on projects ranging from the front-end design and development of new projects for Kalahari.com (then Kalahari.net), to developing the information architecture (in excess of 1000 pages) for the new website of Sanlam, a leading financial services company in South Africa, as well as the implementation of e-commerce for the website of the International Maritime Organisation (an agency of the United Nations), way back in 2001, and most recently, the change of navigation for Woolworths.co.za. E-commerce implementations that I've done include the following payment gateways: Realex, Worldpay, PayPal, Mobicred, PayGate, MyGate, PayFast and iVeri (third party and enterprise solutions), and I have also recently developed a lay-by solution, with monthly payments by debit order, cash, credit card and EFT.

I've just finished my Masters at UCT at the Library and Information Studies Centre, specialising in Digital Curation, and my dissertation was on Linguistic Linked Data, using the Ontolex-Lemon model. Next year I'm starting my PhD in the Computer Science Department at UCT, where I will (attempt to) address the issues with multilingual ontology verbalisation (and other RDF relations) for low-resourced languages, still using Ontolex-Lemon.

I live in Stellenbosch with one cat, one dog and a lot of books.  I love reading.  I love my pets (and elephants too, but I don't have an elephant).  I love flowers, particularly fynbos.  I also love a good cup of coffee ... and I'm a bit too fond of cake *sigh*.