Linguistic Linked Data - A Reading List

A list-in-progress, this is what I have read / am reading for my dissertation, entitled:

The construction of an ontological framework for bilingual lexicographic resources, applying linguistic linked data principles.

The retro-digitised English-Xhosa Dictionary for Nurses by Neil MacVicar will be used as a case study.


A Language-Aware Web will Give Us a Bigger and Better Semantic Web

  • Stellato A.
  • Status:  to read

Applying the OntoLex Model to a Multilingual Terminological Resource

  • Bosque-Gil J., Gracia J., Aguado-de-Cea G., and Montiel-Ponsoda E.
  • Keywords:  ontolex, variation, translation, terminological resource
  • Status:  to read 

Introducing FREME: Deploying Linguistic Linked Data

  • Sasaki F., Gornostay T., Dojchinovski M., Osella M., Mannens E., Stoitsis G., Ritchi P., Koidl K.
  • Status:  reviewed
  • Notes:  discusses enrichment of content with additional information

One ontology to bind them all: The META-SHARE OWL ontology for the interoperability of linguistic datasets on the Web

  • McCrae J.P., Labrapoulou P., Gracia J., Villegas M., Rodriquez-Doncel V., and Cimiano P.
  • Keywords:  language resources and evaluation, metadata, ontologies, harmonisation
  • Status:  to read 

Roadmap for a multilingual BioPortal

  • Jonquet C., Emonet V., Musen M.
  • Keywords:  ontology, repository, multilingual semantic web, multilingual alignment, ontology relation
  • Status:  to read 

Towards Multilingual eLexicography by Means of Linked (Open) Data

  • Declerck T., Wandl-Vogt E., Krek S., and Tiberius C.
  • Keywords:  multilingual lexicography, linguistic linked open data
  • Status:  reviewed
  • Notes:  discusses the mapping of lexicographic resources onto the OntoLex model

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Author: Frances Gillis-Webber. Created: 17 March 2017